From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: An Introduction

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My name is Ah’din.  I am the daughter of Krush and Ah’rane, wife of Teal, mother to Criollo, and sister to Ardenai, the Thirteenth Dragonhorse.  Ardenai traveled a good deal when he was an ambassadorial magistrate, and because he didn’t want Canyon keep to sit empty, he asked Teal and me if we would keep with him here.  Since Teal was gone with the cavalry a good part of the time, and because our parents’ home is just moments away across the old stone bridge at Sea keep, I willingly agreed.  All these ancient homes are nearly identical inside, so it wasn’t much of an adjustment for me, and I was soon comfortable in the expansive gardens, and the huge kitchen felt like my own. While he was on Terren as magistrate, Ardenai met a beautiful woman whom he later married, and she, too came to live with us here at Canyon keep.  Her name was Ah’ree.  Although she was part Equi, she was mostly...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Sour Caulis Salad

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Dearest Amma, I hope you and Appa are doing well.  I miss both of you very much, but I adore my new husband, and this place is really beginning to grow on me.  I guess that’s a pun.  The gardens here are huge, with an orchard and fields of mazea and fodder crops to match.  It is the season of Enalios here on Equus.  The Equi call it the season of seafaring and heat – those months we would call July and August.  The house, being solid Equi Alabaster, does stay cool, but we spend a lot of time outside working, riding, sailing and taking basket lunches into the woods to gather herbs and various other medicinals.  Everybody cooks in this house.  You probably realized that when you visited.  My father-in-law, Krush makes this salad often.  He says it cools and balances the body, and it is one of his favorites.  Knowing how much you love your fermented goodies, I thought you might like it,...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Ancient Grains Soup

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Dearest Amma, We had an amazing experience last evening!  Ardenai is traveling with his class, and Ah’rane had business at the Great House in Thura, so Krush and I tagged along for a day in the city.  My mother-in-law had an evening meeting, so my father-in-law took me to the opera as a surprise. It was beautiful.  The young man who sang the lead was incredibly talented, with a voice like warm honey.  So easy, and so rich.  As it turned out, he has been friends with Krush and Ardenai for many years, and after the performance we went to his apartments for a late supper.  His wife was there, and they have beautiful twin daughters.  It made me a little envious, let me tell you.  But don’t worry.  We’re not ready yet. Konik is a man of many surprises.  He is a senator from Anguine II, and filled in at the last minute for the lead singer, who had fallen ill.  He says he really doesn’t sing...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Harvester’s Breakfast

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Dear Eomeoni, I know, because Appa was part Equi and so were you, that we kind of followed the “six meals a day” rule in our house.  Here at Canyon keep, we follow it.  Period.  Two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners, all about two and a half or three hours apart.  In this house first breakfast is usually quick, as people run out to do morning chores or head off to school. Second breakfast is more leisurely.  Ardi has second breakfast with his students each day.  This is something he enjoys for first breakfast, along with one or two of his sister’s famous flatwraps.  I like it, too.  It takes a while to make up, but it lasts a long time once you have it.  I think it is what you would call grain-ola.  Here it is simply Harvester’s Breakfast. Give Appa a big hug for me and have him give you one from me!  I love you both. Ah’ree   HARVESTER’S BREAKFAST 5 cups of rolled perennial...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Summer Sweet Cake

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Dearest Amma, I am learning so much about how things are accomplished around here! Rarely alone, for one thing. As different parts of the harvest come rolling in, everybody gets involved. You probably noticed when you and Appa came to visit that this huge old house is the centerpiece of the keep, but hardly the only thing here. There are several smaller homes that belong to the people who help keep the place running smoothly. It is such a huge keep, miles in every direction, and yet there are four of these Equi Sunbursts right together along the river, where the four enormous keeps come together. That is called the “Keep Nave.” It was designed thousands of years ago so that there were neighbors and extended family in these isolated areas. The kitchens are as huge as the houses themselves, and a dozen people can easily work together. As foodstuffs are being prepared and preserved for...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Stuffed Sweet Peppers

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Dearest Amma, I hope all is well with you and Appa. I was concerned when I heard about the big storms you were having on the peninsula, and I wanted to let you know that we had a big one here, as well. The ones here involve a lot of lightning strikes. If they are bad enough the trains stop running, and that’s what happened a few days ago. Nothing was allowed in the air out of Falconstones, and for the first time, I slept alone in my bridal bed – Ardenai was trapped at school with his students. He was away two nights before the storm let up enough for everybody to go home. He says they have fun. They do school work, of course, but in the evening they sing and tell stories and put on plays and at bedtime he makes a big, soft nest on the floor and they all put on their night clothes and pile into it. They cook, too, and he says this is one of his favorite things to make with his students...

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