My name is Ah’din.  I am the daughter of Krush and Ah’rane, wife of Teal, mother to Criollo, and sister to Ardenai, the Thirteenth Dragonhorse. 

Ardenai traveled a good deal when he was an ambassadorial magistrate, and because he didn’t want Canyon keep to sit empty, he asked Teal and me if we would keep with him here.  Since Teal was gone with the cavalry a good part of the time, and because our parents’ home is just moments away across the old stone bridge at Sea keep, I willingly agreed.  All these ancient homes are nearly identical inside, so it wasn’t much of an adjustment for me, and I was soon comfortable in the expansive gardens, and the huge kitchen felt like my own, and I really liked the color so I decided to learn the spray paint kitchen cabinets cost to paint my kitchen too.

While he was on Terren as magistrate, Ardenai met a beautiful woman whom he later married, and she, too came to live with us here at Canyon keep.  Her name was Ah’ree.  Although she was part Equi, she was mostly Terren, and had spent her whole life on that planet.

She adjusted quickly and well to life on Equus.  She became an excellent equestrian, and she was a fine cook.  She spent quite a bit of time the first few years, trying to convince her family that she was, indeed, happy here, and one of the things she did to further that notion, was create a cookbook for her mother.  She laughingly called it her opus, and said it helped her master the nuances of the Equi language, because she was translating everything into an OE dialect so her mother, her “eomeoni,” could make sense of it.  She also had to translate ingredients to something her mother would understand and have ready access to.  She added some charming, personal notes in the margins, and it became part journal, part love letter home, and most of all, a very personal cookbook.  When her mother died, the book came back to Canyon keep.

Ah’ree died very young, but her cookbook with all its recipes has lived on.  Because Criollo and Ah’brianne are working with their classmates to introduce us as Equi to other worlds, I thought it might be time to get that cookbook out of the baker’s pantry, and share it out, as well.  I may add some notes from time to time, just to update or embellish, but the work of translation, along with most of the personal observations, belongs to our beautiful Ah’ree, whom we miss with all our hearts.