Chapter Six

“As you wissh,” the serpent responded. “It’ss not exactly a dark ssecret. We did not come to the Equi. We dessigned the Equi. They have alwayss been ourss, and we are devoted to them.”

Chapter Five

“I would have you bear a son for the Great House,” he said. “My son,” and she began to cry.

Chapter Four

“It iss I,” the snake hissed quietly. “I am thy father.”

Chapter Three

“You have always belonged, belong now, and always will belong to another woman. I accept that. I am willing to be your friend, and your consort, and leave Ah’ree’s memory as your wife alone. No surprises, especially not in being ... assigned a mate you do not wish to have. One who may be very demanding, and not so understanding as I will be. I care for you, you care for me, and we have that to build on, if only in friendship.”

Chapter Two

Chapter Two They walked side by side, one in emerald green, one in imperial purple, their robes brushing the condensation from the grass as they passed, deep in conversation.  A rumble grew more discernible on the early morning air, then the sound of war bells on...

The Wind Warrior: Chapter One

The digital  novel, The Wind Warrior, continues the story from the novella, "The Day The City Shook."  With new chapters published weekly, it continues the tale of the improbable Thirteenth Dragonhorse, Ardenai.

Rosemary Cheddar Bread

Dearest Eomeoni, We awoke to a cold, white world this morning.  The steam rising from the river made it seem magical, and the trees were all ribboned along their branches with white satin.  There was a storm last night and the flyers were not allowed in the air, nor...

Ah’Dwina’s Harvest Pot

Dearest Amma and Appa, Harvest is in full swing here in our region of Viridia.  The great harvesters run day and night, skimming over the fields of alcibus, mazea and phaselus.  Trundlers pulled by teams of horses are moving load after load of hay into the barns for...

In the most ancient and powerful agrarian society of planet Equus, a male rises to rule only once in every seven hundred years. By tradition he is raised in complete anonymity, with no inkling that it is his fate to govern with absolute authority over Equus and her affined worlds.

This book chronicles the first months in power of the grieving widower and devoted Creppia Nonage teacher who rises to become the Thirteenth Dragonhorse – learning to love, and to kill – as the most powerful single entity in the Seventh Galactic Alliance.

Learn more about this world in our introduction section.

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