Legacy of A Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal Entry #10: Like Drums in my Sleep

When she teaches, she pounds the table, like a drum.  Like the sound of the drums they beat at executions.  I can hear them in my sleep. 

Legacy Of A Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #9: A Powerful Stranger

I saw someone very interesting today.  I was, I admit, somewhere I probably shouldn’t have been, but I was there for a good reason.

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #8

It is hard to live in a world where nothing is known of the worlds outside. So much is based on conjecture, and much of that conjecture is based on fear. Am I really going to be given to a man who will eat me if I do not please him? Am I going to be brutally handled? I have seen sex demonstrated and it is violent. At my last training session we went into a part of the palace where one of my father’s concubines was giving birth. She was my age. She was crying and screaming in pain and the only concern of the women attending her seemed to be the welfare of the babe. There was blood and feces and it stank and the screams reverberated off the high walls. She was terrified. So was I. Is this what it means to be a vessel? Is this a woman’s place in the world?

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #7

I am so stupid! I mentioned to Anchoress Samarra that my mother fears she is drugging me, and I asked her if that was true. While I got a mollifying answer, I also got my mother beaten half to death. Samarra told my father. I half wish I could return to that place I was a few weeks ago – that comfortable place where everything Samarra told me felt like the truth, and I didn’t feel so divided in my thoughts and loyalties. I do know she is drugging me. She wouldn’t have reacted so violently if it were false. Anchoress Ensharra is giving me something to counteract what Samarra is giving me, and I have, through bitter experience, gained enough sense not to mention it to anybody, not even Jasreth.

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #6

My mother has kept me home from my usual routine, saying she thinks I am Ill and feverish. I don’t feel ill, but I am beginning to feel very strange, as though I am in two places at once – caught between what Anchoress Samarra says is important, and what my mother and Anchoress Ensharra say is important. I feel like two different people trapped in the same body. My mother says it is because Samarra is drugging me. I cannot believe that of her. My friend, Jasreth, says I should listen to that part which feels most deeply like the truth, but that makes no real sense for me. I have to focus on what is most politically correct, and sometimes I’m afraid that is not truth, but expedience.

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #5

It may have been awhile since I last wrote in my journal. Somehow it doesn’t seem as important anymore. I am focusing single-mindedly on my lessons, and things seem much simpler. My routine has changed. I am having morning meal with Anchoress Samarra each day. We visit and drink tea, and have something to eat, and then I go off to, what for me, is school. I practice my language and my positions and I find great joy in them. I have read back in my journal and I have to laugh at some of the things I have said about being afraid of my father and afraid of my fate. How silly of me.

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #4

The Thirteenth Dragonhorse. That’s who my mother says I will be gifted to. Apparently there has been some sort of disturbance surrounding him, and he is not on his home planet, which is Equus. I’ve never heard of it, but my mother has. She says that in the long ago time a bride-gift was sent to the Twelfth Dragonhorse. Our history says that she did not please him and so he killed her and served her up at a great feast.

Legacy of a Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal #3

Father is suspicious of me, I know it. He has started watching me out of the corner of his eye, and coming to my training sessions and asking questions of my trainers. I can see them talking, though I cannot hear what is being said. He sits with folded arms and watches me as I go through my poses. I practice my breathing and my vocabulary of seduction, and he leans forward and puts his hands in his lap. I remember his words to me – that he would be the one who took my fruit, and then I would be cast aside. When he looks at me like that, I know he means it, that he would enjoy it, and that he would not be gentle in the taking.

In the most ancient and powerful agrarian society of planet Equus, a male rises to rule only once in every seven hundred years. By tradition he is raised in complete anonymity, with no inkling that it is his fate to govern with absolute authority over Equus and her affined worlds.

This book chronicles the first months in power of the grieving widower and devoted Creppia Nonage teacher who rises to become the Thirteenth Dragonhorse – learning to love, and to kill – as the most powerful single entity in the Seventh Galactic Alliance.

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