Legacy Of A Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal – Entry One

I have known since my earliest childhood that I am destined to be the wife of a powerful prince, and that my marriage will further my father’s kingdom.  I was born for that purpose, and I am being trained to that end, and groomed to that end.

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Eight

Before Gideon could acknowledge the introduction, there was another scrambling, this time up the center of his chest, and a black button nose on a pointed muzzle, and two bright brown eyes in a light brown, foxy face, poked out from under the covers at him.

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Seven

"...Where is Nik, because every fiber of my being tells me he is in terrible trouble right now and it has everything to do with being Telenir and nothing to do with being Equi."

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Six

Io looked at him, a small crease forming between her eyebrows. "Are you pretending like nothing is wrong or am I missing something?"

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Five

CHAPTER FIVE It was such a beautiful autumn day, Gideon had to remind himself that he was working.  He also reminded himself that here it was not autumn, but the beginning of Oporens, and that when it was over, October would be gone.  Nevertheless, the drifting leaves...

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Four

"We are to have problems, are we not? My little Papilli wife and I?"

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Three

“Ree,” he said softly, and his eyes filled with tears of joy and relief. He reached and caught her hand, pulling her to him, and she was as solid as the rock upon which they sat. She was real. “Oh, Precious Equus, I have had the wildest dream of my entire life. Was I asleep long?”

Home Is Where The Heart Aches: Chapter Two

"You object to anger and jealousy expressed in civil tones? I have seen it expressed with guns, knives, fists, open palms, penises and spit. The Equi way is better. It is not perfect, maybe, but of enviable maturity nevertheless,"

In the most ancient and powerful agrarian society of planet Equus, a male rises to rule only once in every seven hundred years. By tradition he is raised in complete anonymity, with no inkling that it is his fate to govern with absolute authority over Equus and her affined worlds.

This book chronicles the first months in power of the grieving widower and devoted Creppia Nonage teacher who rises to become the Thirteenth Dragonhorse – learning to love, and to kill – as the most powerful single entity in the Seventh Galactic Alliance.

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