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This is the place to truly immerse yourself in the world of the Dragonhorse.  From Novellas, to Criollo’s Journals, to treatises from beloved characters, Equus comes alive in this area!


Journals are released weekly for 12-16 weeks per season.  (These journals are standalone series and don’t require reading any of the Dragonhorse novels or stories to make sense.)

Criollo’s Journals
(Season 1 Now Available)

(Season 1 Now Available)

In The Kitchen of Canyon Keep
(Season 1 Now Available)

Novellas and Stories

The Day The City Shook” (via DarkestGoth Magazine)
Entire Novella Currently Available.  (This is the prequel to all other novels, novellas, and stories on this site. It’s highly recommended that you read this first.)


The Wind Warrior 
A new chapter released every Sunday starting December 9th, 2018.
(This is a sequel to the novella “The Day the City Shook.” It’s highly recommended that you read it first.)

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