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This is the place to truly immerse yourself in the world of the Dragonhorse Chronicles.  From novella that kicked everything off, to Criollo’s Journals, to treatises from beloved characters, Equus comes alive in this area!


Journals are released weekly for 12-16 weeks per season.  (These journals are standalone series and don’t require reading any of the Dragonhorse novels or stories to make sense.)

Criollo’s Journals
(Season 1 Now Available)

(Season 1 Now Available)

In The Kitchen of Canyon Keep
(Season 1 Now Available)

Legacy Of A Child Bride: Eridi’s Journal
(Season 1 currently being released)


The Day The City Shook” (Published via DarkestGoth Magazine)
Entire Novella Currently Available.  (This novella is the intro to the now published book, Dragonhorse Rising.  Purchase Dragonhorse Rising or the first Trilogy of the Dragonhorse Chronicles at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you purchase your favorite books!)