Wren’s Journal Entry Number Twelve ~ Sex Education

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We were sitting around a table in the Great Library of the Dragonhorses, when I brought up, in the course of our discussion, the possibility of sexual training for young Equi. I gave my reasons for thinking it was a good idea, and after due consideration, both Harrier and Chirion nodded. “I think it has merit,” Harrier said. “I agree that it would remove much of the titillation of initial sexual encounters. It would let young people know what to expect, and what is expected of them. They could be trained in courtesy and courtship. I like the idea.” Kestrel looked a little annoyed with the idea, but then I’ve come to expect that from him. “How long a gamut are you planning to run with this?’ he asked, raising one eyebrow in my direction. I met his gaze, knowing that if I so much as shrugged or flinched, I’d be done. “I was thinking we would start sexual education around age ten, as far...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Eleven ~ I Go Traveling

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It’s odd, really. Basuto is a charming companion, very handsome, very intelligent, attentive in the extreme, and yet I find myself growing less and less interested. I think it’s the fascination with who I am becoming, rather than who I could be, if that makes any sense. I am spending more time at Mountain hold, less time with my friends. Perhaps because Chirion and Lark and Harrier and even, on occasion, Kestrel, are taking their place. I am finding my joy and my passion in longer-ranging pursuits, and by feeling around with my toes I am beginning to realize that I am, indeed, finding my depth as a person. It is now class-break for a fortnight, and I am traveling with Chirion. I had mentioned in the course of one of our discussions that the planet, Corvus, is somewhere I’ve always wanted to see, and here we are! He always strives to make my lessons live for me, but this is above and...

Wren’s journal Entry Number Ten ~ Romance

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Oh, my goodness, he really is attractive – and he’s quick!  I thought I’d had my first “real” kisses from Dunlin, but Basuto … let me just say, I’m impressed.  His hands are a bit too familiar, but I’ve rather enjoyed that, as well.  He has whispered some very intimate and alluring things in my ear, and I am tempted.  I know what I would do if I were … (I am absolutely NOT going to use the word, real, anymore) If it was the usual set of circumstances.  But it isn’t.  So … do I maintain the same set of values I would have if I had to face the usual set of consequences?  I can have sex with every male on planet Equus for the next thousand years and never get a disease, never find myself settled with a child. What I would find myself – is jaded.  Bored.  Kind of a frightening thought.  We Equi have a good moral code.  We tend to stay true to our mates, and we tend to mate for life.  There...

Journal Entry Number Nine: Integration Begins

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Integration has been slow but steady for me over the last seasons.  I have learned to socialize – or re-learned.  I am tall and athletic, which has gotten me an invitation to play Volleys Over.  I was offered a spot on one of the House teams, and on advice from Chirion, I took it.  It has been a joy, because there’s not a lot of talking that goes on when you’re jumping around like that.  When the game is over most of the discussion revolves around how the game went, and what strategies worked best.  Personal information, aside from bruises, is kept to a minimum.   Oddly enough, in the course of trying to hide a past I don’t have, I have gained the reputation for being deep, and forward thinking.  In that sense I suppose the charade is beneficial.  Everyone assumes I go off on my own to study and ponder the great mysteries of life, which makes it easier for me to slip back and forth...

Journal Entry Number Eight: Realizations

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An eternity has passed for me.  A week.  A season.  There is snow on the ground here in Thura, and in the Andalese Highlands the snow is up to the windows of Mountain hold. I have spent much time in the Great Library of the Dragonhorses, and what a wonder it is – rising shelf upon shelf, layer upon layer, story upon story of books, journals, scrolls and maps.  I have begun to read of the earliest times of the place and the people who populate it.  They, and the place itself, seem not to change – but then, that’s the whole idea – that unbroken continuum. What has come to interest me, is the journals of women.  Real ones.  The memoirs of women who have documented their struggles with society and their place within it.  Those who have been forced into a place, accepted a place, or tried to carve out a new place – a new environment where there is room for growth, either individual or...

Journal Entry Number Seven: Fracture

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I … have to keep writing.  I have to keep telling myself that I am still me.  I have been told that I have this incredible future in front of me – this future that lasts forever – and all I feel is a sick dread.  I have nowhere to turn!  My parents are gone, my friends are gone.  The man with whom I’d planned my future – My future, is gone.  I had hope.  I had certainty, and most of all, I had reality.  Now, I have nothing.  I am going through the motions because I don’t know what else to do.  I suppose I could throw myself off a cliff, or under a bus or something, just to see if I’d really die.  I could get somebody – though I have no idea who – to lop my head off.  Maybe just a hand, to see if there are gears and wires and oil.  I am so afraid.  There is such imbalance in the power to accept immortality, such degradation in the thought that I am destined to be a whore, not just for a...

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