Wren’s Journal: Prologue

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I am Wren.  Ah’ren, when I am out and about in the worlds of the Equi.  Things were not always as they are now, not as enlightened, not as forward thinking.  And I was not always as I am now.  I was once just another Equi youth, or so I thought, glad to be through Final Form, anxious to be off to Lycee and then into the world to find my place.  But my world, and my place, existed far beyond anything I could have possibly imagined; longer, darker, more dangerous and challenging and sometimes … more wonderful. I found some of my journals the other day, on a crys-tel I’d apparently dropped in a tack box along with a broken polo mallet, a cracked helmet with a frayed chinstrap, a bridle that needed new reins, and a saddle blanket that needed mending.  I’m wondering now if I had to hide the crys-tel in a hurry.  Or maybe it was the beginning of a collection of things I was planning to get...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number One: Off To School

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My name is Ah’ren.  Galician Ah’ren Cladra.  My parents and my siblings and I live on the Achernarean island of Boranth, where my parents raise oranges and verdanbutters, and the air is still clear and fresh.  Farmers do not have the status they once had on Equus, but our way of life is good, and we provide a vital service which too few people recognize these days. That reminds me, I need to pack a few oranges for my room at school.  It is only a two hour trip by air, but right now it feels very far away, and I am nervous.  I know I can come home anytime, so why the jittery stomach, I wonder? Today I am beginning a new crys-tel journal in honor of the fact that tomorrow, I go off to Lycee!  I am not too excited about the city of Thura, with its crowded streets and poor air quality, but that is where the adventure begins, or so say my parents, and I am excited to be furthering my...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Two: A Very Confusing Day

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Well, here I am.  I’m officially a Lycee student.  It was hard to say goodbye to my parents and my siblings this morning; my parents, especially, seemed sad.  I reminded them that I would be home at week’s end – that this was not goodbye forever.  I suppose all parents feel sad when their children leave home, no matter how long the absence.  I’m sure I will feel the same way when my children go off to Lycee. But here I am!  The Great House of Equus is immense! It was designed by the first attempted Dragonhorse, Warlander, who was an architect and stone-structure engineer, and construction was begun on it over two thousand years ago, so it is ancient indeed.  It was finished over seven hundred years later, which seems like a long time, but it is the size of a city in and of itself, and carved from Equi Alabaster, the living stone of Equus, and the strongest,  which is a good thing,...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Three: The Revelations Begin

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I … wasn’t sure I’d slept last night, but I must have, because when I awoke there was a man standing at the foot of my bed.  “How did you get in here?” I asked, when what I really wanted to know was, “Why did you get in here?” He just stood there, with a bit of a self-satisfied smile on his face.  He was tall and slender, with a sharp, aristocratic profile and a haughty air about him that said he had every right to be in my room at the crack of dawn.  “You turned out well,” he said, as if that answered my question.  I sat up in bed.  “Who are you and what do you want?” I asked.  I wasn’t willing to be downright rude just yet, figuring he might be from the administrative offices of the Great House, and that I might be in the wrong room, or the wrong classes.  I wasn’t really afraid of him.  He didn’t look particularly threatening, and, if it came to it, I was pretty sure I could take...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Four: The Story Harrier Tells

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Where do I begin to put into words what has happened to me?  It has been days since I wrote in my journal, and still … it is a struggle to gather my thoughts.  I suppose I should just start and scribble down anything that comes into my head.  There was Lark, who embraced me and said she had created me.  Not given birth to me – created me.  Designed me. At that point, while they were pretty much picking me up off the floor, Kestrel suggested that maybe they should take this revelation a step at a time, and he gestured me down an immense hallway.  It was snow white, obviously Equi Alabaster – but it glowed from within to provide a light that was bright and all encompassing, and the walls were warm from the water coursing through them – I could hear it rushing like a far-off river.  “See,” Lark said with a smile, “Just like the Great House of Equus.  Just like the multi-generational homes...

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Five: The Revelations Get Worse

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(Note: I discovered in looking back that my journals became a running narrative while I worked through these first, difficult weeks.  I think that by telling myself a story – making it a kind of novel, if you will – it moved me slightly to one side of the drama and made it easier for me to understand.) “That’s what you’re for,” Kestrel said again, “to nudge the Dragonhorse.  If nudge is the euphemism you choose.”  He went to the stove, poured himself a cup of tea and glided with a kind of oily smoothness into the chair across the table from me. I just stared at him.  Maybe it was Harrier’s hand on my arm, telling me I wasn’t alone, maybe it was an unexpected reaction on my part to the whole shocking situation – a defense mechanism kicking in – but I felt the first little surge of anger welling up in me.  “For?” I replied.  “What do you mean by, ‘That’s what you’re for’?  I am a citizen...

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