Who’s Who (Alphabetically)

Abeyan ~ Ah’riodin’s father.  Master of the Equi cavalry. Race: Equi

Ah’brianne ~ Daughter of Timor and Ah’mae.  Race: Equi

Ah’davan ~ (Addie) Konik’s wife. Race: Anguine-Equi

Ah’dara ~ mentioned as a mate for Ardenai. Race: Calumet-Equi

Ah’din ~ Ardenai’s sister, Wife of Teal.  Mistress of Canyon keep.  Race: Equi

Ah’keena ~ Wife of Tarpan.  Member of the Horse Guard.  Race: Equi

Ah’kra ~ Abeyan’s second wife.  Race: Equi

Ah’krill ~ High Priestess of Equus.  Race: Equi

Ah’mae ~ Timor’s wife. Ah’brianne’s mother. Mistress of Lea keep.  Race: Equi

Ah’nia ~ Daughter of Konik, wife of Tokara, mother of Ah’sienna. Race: Anguine-Equi

Ah’nis ~ One of the inner circle of priestesses.  Race: Equi

Ah’nora ~ Mistress of South Hold.  Race: Calumet-Equi

Ah’pia ~ mentioned as a mate for Ardenai.  Race: Calumet-Equi

Ah’rane ~ Ardenai’s mother, wife of Krush, Mistress of Sea keep.  Race: Equi

Ah’ree ~ Ardenai’s late wife, mother of Kehailan.  Race: Terren-Equi cross

Ah’rika ~ Daughter of Konik, wife of Eriskay, mother of Nokota.  Race: Anguine-Equi

Ah’riodin ~ (Io) Captain of the Equi Horse Guard.  Race: Papilli-Equi cross

Ah’ti ~ one of the inner circle of priestesses. Race: Equi

Ardenai ~ (Ah’krill Ardenai Morning Star) the Thirteenth Dragonhorse. Race: Equi

Cohen, Amir ~ Chief of Onboard Technologies, SGAS Belesprit. Father of Yussef. Race: Demetrian

Cohen, Yussef ~ Small son of Amir Cohen.  Race: Demetrian

Criollo ~ Son of Teal and Ah’din.  Race: Equi

Daleth ~ Tactical Standard Bearer for the Horse Guard of the Great House of Equus.  Race: Equi

Dannis, Bonfire ~ Navigator and second in command, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Phyllan

Eletsky, Marion ~ Captain, Seventh Galactic Alliance Ship Belesprit.  Race: Terren

Gideon ~ Ardenai’s companion.  Race: Declivian-Coronian cross, with Equi and Terren blood.

Hadban ~ Member of the Equi Privy Council.  Race: Equi

Jilfan ~ Ah’riodin’s son by her late husband, Salerno.  Race: Equi-Papilli cross.

Jomud ~ Master of Drums for the Great House of Equus.  Race: Equi

Josephus ~ Captain of a grain freighter. An old friend of Ardenai’s.  Race: Terren cross

Kais, Theseus ~ hired by Konik to sell the damaged clipper.  Race: Corvun

Keats, Hadrian ~ (Dennis Strathmore) Chief Medical Officer, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Terren

Kehailan ~ Ardenai’s son. Tactical Wing Commander, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Equi-Terren

Konik ~ Senator from Anguine II, Telenir Legate.  Race: Equi-Anguine.  Telenir

Krush ~ Father of Ardenai and Ah’din, husband of Ah’rane. Keeplord of Sea keep. Race: Equi

Mahruss ~ Five-year-old boy from Ardenai’s Creppia Nonage class, Falconstones. Race: Equi

MalDor ~ Represents Kohath Zadok on the Equi Council.  Race: Kohathi

McGill, Timothy ~ Botanist, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Terren-Demetrian cross

Moonsgold, Winslow ~ Head of the Science Wing, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Declivian cross

Orlov ~ Teacher aboard SGAS Belesprit.  Former student of Ardenai. Race: Equi

Pongo, Oona ~ Protocol and First Contacts Officer, SGAS Belesprit.  Race: Terren

Pythos ~ Personal Physician of the Thirteenth Dragonhorse.  Race: Achernarean.

Reynalda ~ Small child aboard SGAS Belesprit. Race: Demetrian cross

Salerno ~ Ah’riodin’s first husband and father of Jilfan.  Killed in battle.  Race: Equi

Saremanno ~ Sarkhan’s father.  Patriarch of the Telenir who desire overthrow of the Equi Government.  Race: Anguine-Equi.  Telenir

Sarkhan ~ Claims the title of Thirteenth Dragonhorse. Saremanno’s son.  Race: Anguine-Equi. Telenir

Sta’dan ~ Ambassador to Equus from Corvus.  Member of the Privy Council.  Race: Corvun

Taki ~ Elderly Telenir who speaks for peace.  Race: Anguine-Equi.  Telenir

Tarpan ~ Commander of the Secondary Squads, Horse Guard of the Great House of Equus.  Husband of Ah’keena.  Race: Equi

Teal ~ Master of Horse for the Great House of Equus.  Husband of Ah’din, father of Criollo.  Ardenai’s brother-in-law and best friend.  Race: Equi

Thatcher ~ Boss of the Cleomitite mine on Calumet.  Race: Tarkelian cross.

Timor ~ Father of Ah’brianne, husband of Ah’mae.  Tenant Keeplord of Lea keep Race: Equi

ValDem ~ brother of MalDor.  Represents Kohath Zadok in the Seventh Galactic Alliance chambers.  Race: Kohathi