From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Rosemary Cheddar Bread

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Dearest Eomeoni, We awoke to a cold, white world this morning.  The steam rising from the river made it seem magical, and the trees were all ribboned along their branches with white satin.  There was a storm last night and the flyers were not allowed in the air, nor did the planetary trains run, so Ardenai’s grandparents, Krush’s parents, stayed over for a third night.  Ardi’s grandsire, Cutter, is a jovial, easy-going fellow like Krush, but his granddam, Ah’leah, is a ball of fire like Krush’s twin brother, Breton.  When she is around things are never quiet and they are never still.  She claps her hands and hurries people along, and sends folks scurrying off in different directions to check on things. This morning she sent Ah’din and me off to check on the cheeses curing in one of the stone barns.  We hurried through the tunnel, giggling like school girls, and when we got to the area...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Ah’Dwina’s Harvest Pot

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Dearest Amma and Appa, Harvest is in full swing here in our region of Viridia.  The great harvesters run day and night, skimming over the fields of alcibus, mazea and phaselus.  Trundlers pulled by teams of horses are moving load after load of hay into the barns for Aellaeno and Chionos, those seasons when the snow is too deep for the livestock to forage.  The children are out of school for High Harvest, and all the youngsters here on the keep have something to do toward putting up stores for the seasons of snow and cold. I watched two little boys pulling a wagon down the rows of caulis (what you would call cabbage), picking up the heads as their father cut the stalks in front of them.  They came later to rake leaves.  They spent more time jumping in the piles than actually accomplishing anything, but they were very cute.  I am working Ardi in the direction of having a child of our own...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Herbed Vinegar

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Dearest Eomeoni and Appa, As you know, my brother-in-law’s father is one of the premier vintners on Viridia, and Teal is exceptionally adept at learning the family business. I was watching them one day as they were filling barrels, and I noticed that several were being set aside – some with red wine, some with white. When I asked, Teal explained that those barrels would be stored under different conditions, because they were for vinegar. Once they cure properly they are poured off into bottles and stored for use by the family, the community and the Great House. As you can imagine, this household is deeply into all things wine and wine related, and since Ah’din is also a magician with herbs, this simple recipe is a natural. Since you have stated that the recipes I send you are too complicated for “two old people” to make, (which I find really, funny, Amma) I think you will like this...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Fresh Sauteed Pole Beans

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Dear Amma and Appa, I was contacted yesterday by the Wildlife Specialist for this part of Viridia.  He has asked me, since that was my profession on Terren, to accompany him on a survey of the local cerastaper population.  They’re kind of along the lines of wild boars, only their tusks are longer and there are three of them, not just two.  Shudder.  I thought my husband would tell me to stay home like a good little keepwife, but he just gave me this odd look and said, “Well of course you should go.  It’s your job.”  So I guess I’m off to the wilds of Viridia in a couple of days.  Apparently the cerastapers have been raiding along the outskirts of several of the big phaselus operations, and there is some concern that someone could be injured if they surprise one.           As you know, phaselus, along with alcibus, forms a big part of the Equi diet, and we have several varieties in our...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Winter Pot

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Dearest Eomeoni and Appa,          Please don’t be so worried about me!  I am feeling fine, and my husband and his family take very good care of me.  We have the harvest pretty well laid in at this point, and since it is harvest break for his students, Ardenai took me for a trip.  We went all the way to Calumet, which is a fascinating planet.  Energy can be generated, but not transmitted, so that world has existed without change for many hundreds of years.           Many of the Terren Amish-Mennonites settled here after the cataclysm, and it seems to suit their lifestyle well.  The citizens ride horses, or use buggies or cycles to get around, and the keeps and villages are especially close-knit.  The people seem to be exceptionally self-sufficient, and watching them move through their well-ordered days was fascinating for me.  I got to watch the keepfolk where we stayed make their...

From The Kitchen At Canyon Keep: Sweet Sour Pickled Garlic

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Dearest Amma,          I really miss you.  I wish you were here to talk to.  I honestly knew this was a multi-generational family, and they are very kind to me, but … sometimes … I feel like a child in my own home.  Somehow I thought I would at least be the mistress of something, but that is not the case.  Ah’rane is the matriarch, but she is a Frictional Analysis Engineer and works often on other things.  Ah’din, is the one under whose ministrations this home runs like silk through a loom.  She is a doctor, an herbalist, and she has said there are some things I will need to know for the good health of myself, my husband and my family.  I guess when she said it I felt a little insulted, like I wouldn’t know how to do that, but she is so kind and so gentle, I found myself being drawn in to what she was saying.  The sunny windowsills in our house are lined with jars and bottles of herbs...

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