Dearest Eomeoni and Appa,

Fresh HerbsAs you know, my brother-in-law’s father is one of the premier vintners on Viridia, and Teal is exceptionally adept at learning the family business. I was watching them one day as they were filling barrels, and I noticed that several were being set aside – some with red wine, some with white. When I asked, Teal explained that those barrels would be stored under different conditions, because they were for vinegar. Once they cure properly they are poured off into bottles and stored for use by the family, the community and the Great House.

As you can imagine, this household is deeply into all things wine and wine related, and since Ah’din is also a magician with herbs, this simple recipe is a natural.

Since you have stated that the recipes I send you are too complicated for “two old people” to make, (which I find really, funny, Amma) I think you will like this one. It’s not only simple, but you can make as much as you want, and use any flavors you like. Enjoy!

Your Loving Daughter,

Herb Vinegar


You will need:

  • white wine vinegar
  • a selection of herbs
  • a glass jar
  • a tight-fitting lid – preferable not metal.

If possible, pick your herbs in the morning, when the sun has warmed them to bring out the oil, and the dew has dried. If they have to be picked damp, allow them to dry, and then wilt just a bit. Be sure they are clean and free of bugs, but don’t wash them if you can help it.

In this recipe I have used a young rosemary sprig, a sprig of thyme, some winter savory, a sprig of oregano, and a sprig of lavender to make a pint of herbed vinegar.Herbs I ChoseMake sure the jar is clean and dry. Add the herbs, which are also clean and dry, pour white wine vinegar over them leaving ½ inch of headspace, screw down and label the lid, and set it in a sunny windowsill for at least 30 days.

Pour the vinegar through a strainer to remove any debris, and put it into jars or bottles. You may add a sprig of fresh herbs, just for flavor. Cap it finger tight and store in a cool, dark place until you want to use it.