Wren’s Journal Entry Number Twelve ~ Sex Education

Wren’s Journal Entry Number Eleven: I Go Traveling

It’s odd, really. Basuto is a charming companion, very handsome, very intelligent, attentive in the extreme, and yet I find myself growing less and less interested. I think it’s the fascination with who I am becoming, rather than who I could be, if that makes any sense. I am spending more time at Mountain hold, less time with my friends. Perhaps because Chirion and Lark and Harrier and even, on occasion, Kestrel, are taking their place. I am finding my joy and my passion in longer-ranging pursuits, and by feeling around with my toes I am beginning to realize that I am, indeed, finding my depth as a person.
It is now class-break for a fortnight, and I am traveling with Chirion. I had mentioned in the course of one of our discussions that the planet, Corvus, is somewhere I’ve always wanted to see, and here we are! He always strives to make my lessons live for me, but this is above and beyond.