Children’s Chants of Equus

A Child’s Chant for Learning the Seasons

We have six seasons of sixty-four days

Each of them different in so many ways.

There’s icy Aellaeno, our Season of Storms

Then blustery Omphas, when babies are born.

Sweet Segens is next, it’s when everything grows

Then sun scorched Enalios, when the sailing wind blows.

In Oporens we harvest, preparing our keeps

For snow white Chionos, our season of sleep.

Days of the Week – a Schooling Chant

Hormigyre, starting day (Pretend to get ready for a race)

Humilgyre, low day (Bend toward the floor)

Drasterigyre, active day! (Pretend to go to market)

Scoligyre, turning day (Hands out, hop in a circle)

Hyphogyre, weaving day (Pretend to use loom and shuttle)

Hoplegyre, blacksmith’s day (Pretend to shoe a horse)

Hesychgyre, quiet day. (Sigh and close your eyes)

Hiergyre, sacred day. (Open your eyes and raise your hands.)


Both of these are lifted from: The Equi Primer for Creppia Nonage. And reprinted by permission of the author