The Named Dragonhorses

The list of the official Dragonhorses throughout history…


The first Dragonhorse ~ Tersk, a soldier

The Second Dragonhorse ~ Warlander, a farm machinery engineer

The Third Dragonhorse ~ Hirzai, a senator and cavalry officer

The Fourth Dragonhorse ~ Galician, the Captain of a great stellar ship

The Fifth Dragonhorse ~ Timor, a farmer

The Sixth Dragonhorse ~ Carthus, an orchardist

(Killed by insurgents his first day in office)

The Seventh Dragonhorse ~ Vanner, an interstellar navigator

The Eighth Dragonhorse ~ Balearic, a time-whip engineer

(Who was grievously injured, and his wife and children killed by insurgents at Mountain hold)

The Ninth Dragonhorse ~ Kabardin, A bloodlines specialist

The Tenth Dragonhorse ~ Ardenai, a master composer and musician

The Eleventh Dragonhorse ~ Asturian, Master of Cavalry, and a botanist

The Twelfth Dragonhorse ~ Kehailan, a bloodlines specialist

The Thirteenth Dragonhorse ~ Ardenai, a teacher