Rather than another entry about us as a people, I am going to devote the next two or three journal entries to discussing the outward symbols of Equus, since those are the things an outsider would most likely see first.  Today I’m going to talk about the Equi flag and what it means.

There are several versions of our planetary flag, and each continent has more versions yet, so saying we have one flag is a little bit like saying there is a universal recipe for kukkuk.  When Uncle Ardenai returns to take up the reins of office he will designate which version of the flag we will be using for the next one hundred and fifty years, but I have chosen the most common versions to discuss.

The one thing that is universal is the running horse, which represents the forward progress of Equus and our Affined Equi Worlds.  On many flags the horse runs on an open field, which represents our agricultural heritage and power.  The sun always rises behind the horse, because it is the sun which warms our planet and grows our crops.  We are a cool planet, so the sun is especially sacred to us.

The horse itself is a thing of legend.  We love horses, of course.  Our planet is named for them.  Our horses, Equus Legatum, are descended from Equus Caballus and other equine forms.  Our horse was also imbued with certain genes from and by the ancient race of Achernareans, who are our progenitors, as well.  So, like Equus Legatum, we carry some horse genes, and some serpent, or sea dragon genes, even though we look completely hominoid.  Just like our horses look like the ancestral horse.

The background of many Equi flags is a soft, silver green, which is the color worn by our priestesses, and it represents the education and moral high ground they bring us during the hundreds of years in which they govern Equus with the help of the High Council.

The border of most Equi flags is a deep, royal purple, and that represents the protection which the Dragonhorse brings in with his reign.  The border also wraps all the way around, which speaks to the continuity of the Dragonhorses.