Journal Entry Number Sixteen: The Equi Military

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This school session is nearly over and I realize that I have not talked about our military, so today I will do that.  For the most part we combine our military forces with the AEW, the Affined Equi Worlds.  People serve in the military by choice, and often husbands and wives serve together in some capacity.  We do more exploring than warring, so whole families can safely be involved most of the time.  Three of our Affined Worlds – Calumet, Menorquin, and Papillia – do not produce many military folk.  Calumet has a very small, isolated population and nothing mechanical works there, so someone from that planet has to really want to change lifestyles to go into the military.  Still, some of our finest signal drummers come from Calumet, and they are in high demand.  The Menorquins are of water-dwelling ancestry, so they are superb naval officers. Because they are not particularly warlike,...

Journals Entry Number Fifteen: Equi games and pastimes

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Looking back on my journals I realize I have sounded a bit depressed of late – talking about responsibilities I have and my worries about my father and my uncle.  There is always upheaval when a new Dragonhorse rises to power, and this particular Dragonhorse has a best friend and kinsman in my sire.  I need to take a deep breath and trust that they are well and doing what needs to be done.  That having been said, today I’m going to write a bit about what we Equi do for fun and relaxation.  Nearly every Equi, city or country dweller, has a pastime or two, or three.  Every city has huge parks and green spaces, and stables of horses for riding on the bridal paths, and nearly every Equi from babes to elders, rides horseback.  Along with that goes the pleasure of the company of horses and activities like grooming and feeding and keeping the stalls clean.  There may be a scant half dozen...

Journal Entry Number Fourteen: The Rigors of Being a Keepling

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It has been a long day.  Mushroom harvest is in full swing, along with many of the herbs on which my mother depends for her medicinal practice.  I stayed home to help with the harvest, as many of us keeplings do.  In this entry I’m going to talk a little bit about the rigors of keepling life.  When there is snow on the ground I help my mother sort the seeds we saved as we harvested vegetables.  She will keep the seeds we need for planting in our own gardens and the rest will go to our neighbors and the people who keep here with us.  What is left will go into the stores at the Great House for those who need them.  I help my grandsire with the moccasins he makes.  I mend tack and garden tools with him and my father and Uncle Ardenai.  I help feed the many horses that populate our huge stone barns, and I groom and doctor them, as well.  Plus, I go to school and I play on a polo team with...

Journal Entry Number Thirteen: Fear of the Wind Warriors

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As hard as I try not to be worried, I am.  I am worried, and frightened.  The Thirteenth Dragonhorse has challenged the leader of the Wind Warriors, the Telenir.  Hand to hand combat to the death for the leadership of our world.  And now he has gone somewhere to meet that challenge.  He has been gone for what seems like a very long time.  There is even a rumor that my sire and Captain Ah’riodin have been killed in a shuttle explosion.  My mother has told me not to say anything and not to worry, so I have kept quiet, but still there is this fear that I may be kneeling over my sire’s lifeless body with a knife at my throat, explaining our culture to the Telenir. I know, the Amberians, the Phyllans, the Menorquins … allies all, would not let that happen.  But what if the collapse of Equus is the collapse of the AEW?  What if it is all gone with the single slash of a knife?  The thought of...

Journal Entry Number Twelve: The Equi Chevrons And What They Mean

By on the 19th day, Terran month 12 in Criollo's Journal | 1 comment

Today I am going to tell you about the seven chevrons of the Firstlord.  This is one of our most ancient symbols, and goes back over ten thousand years to the time of the Equi Awakening.  They adorn the banner of the Dragonhorse, which is only displayed for the one hundred and fifty years or so that he is in office.  For that one hundred and fifty years, all official communications have the seven chevrons.  The rest of the time, official communications from the Eloi, the High Priestess herself, and the Great Council, along with communications from the various guilds and so on, have only six chevrons. The six chevrons form the foundation.  They are stacked and interlocked, representing our dependence upon one another, and the upward growth that is possible when all of us work together in harmony.  Each of the six chevrons has engravings on it.  The bottom row has three chevrons. The...

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