Journal Entry Number Ten: Some Information About Our Lifespan

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Today I am going to talk a bit about our lifespan.  We Equi are among the longest lived races in the UGA, the United Galactic Alliance.  Though many of us are of mixed race and live a long time – 125 to 175 years as a rule – those of us who are full blooded Equi tend to have the longest lifespans, averaging 250 years.  Because we live so long we have the luxury of growing up slowly.  We start required education at five and finish when we are twenty-six.  At that age we are still considered children.  By the time most of us finish Lycee, or specialized apprenticeships or both, we are about thirty-five years old.  At that point many of us travel for a few years, often with one of the services. The average age for marriage is somewhere around forty-five, when we are considered young adults.  Most couples are married for ten to twenty years or longer before they have their first child, and...

Journal Entry Number Nine: Favorite Childhood Memories

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My friend Ah’brianne and I were talking on the way home from school about our favorite childhood memories, and we both agreed that being in my Uncle Ardenai’s Creppia Nonage class was one of the high points.  On Equus we start school when we are five, and we stay in Creppia Nonage for our first two years of schooling.  We were still really young and really little and Ardenai Teacher always made us feel warm and safe, and we knew he loved us like life itself.  We learned things like how to ask and answer questions, how to look things up to get answers, what was expected of us as students and citizens, respect for ourselves and others and how to care for our environment and our way of life.  We learned about plants and animals, shapes and colors, the days of the week and seasons of the year, basic sums, history, and penmanship.  My favorite part was when Uncle Ardenai told us stories, or...

Journal Entry Number Eight: A Bit About How Our Economy Works

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We were studying Declivis and Declivian society today in class, and Master Breton asked us what we thought it would be like to live in a moneyed society like the Declivians.   As I understand it, you have to possess some pieces of rag with numbers printed on them in order to get what you need?  That makes no sense.  The rags have no value, and yet without them you cannot get things that are of value.  People work for “money” but have no control over how much they are given, nor do they have any control over the price that is asked by merchants for the merchandise people want to acquire with their “money.”  All of us thought that was both unfair and, in the long run, unviable. Things in the AEW (Affined Equi Worlds) and here on Equus, work much differently.  Here there is an ancient saying, “First the family, then the community, then the Great House and beyond.” As I have said before,...

Journal Entry Number Seven: Our Canyon Home

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I was out very early this morning helping my grandsire deliver a foal, and the stiff breeze sweeping up the canyon from the North Viridian Sea was a little milder than it has been.  Our weather is beginning to warm at last.  Soon we will be able to move our polo matches outside! I live on the continent of Viridia, which shows the oldest life-signs so far found on our planet.  Canyon keep is located just about in the middle of the continent east to west, and butts up to the North Viridian Sea, so we are far to the north in that direction. Because we are so far north, the warm weather takes a little longer to find us.  The snow is a little more hesitant to melt, and finds us faster as the seasons turn. The canyon which gives our keep its name begins where the Three Sisters form their confluence near the border of Upland keep, far to the south at the base of the mountains.  It runs all...

Journal Entry Number Six: My Family’s Garden

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It was barely light enough to see when Ah’brianne’s mother, Ah’mae, popped into our kitchen and took my mother off mushrooming.  It is spring, and the mushrooms are both succulent and abundant.  Today, I’m going to talk about food, because it is a big part of our lives – planting, gathering, tending, harvesting, preserving – and of course, preparing.  Almost all Equi love to garden, and to cook, and without exception we love to eat!  Our body-type thrives on six meals a day, and we do tend to graze and nibble for most of the time we are awake.  Food is celebrated on our planet, and all of us join in on planting, tending and harvesting as part of our everyday occupations.  “First the family, then the community, then the Great House and the worlds beyond” is what people say about our way of distributing foodstuffs.  Every rural family has a huge garden, and there are community gardens in...

Journal Entry Number Five: Our Educational System

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Today I am going to talk to you about our educational system, since I am currently sitting in Master Breton’s History of Equus class. Along with most of our modern society, our educational system was set in place at the time of the Equi Awakening, about ten thousand years ago.  Education has a very high value amongst all Equi, and our system reflects that. We have twenty-one years of compulsory education.  We start Creppia Nonage when we are five, and spend two years there.  We spend seven years in Primary Form, six years in Intermediate Form, and six years in Final Form.  By that time we are twenty-six years old.  We are also expected to go to Lycee, which can last from four to ten years, or into a guided apprenticeship.  This sounds like a long time, but we are long lived, and since very few of us marry before our forties, and many of us well past that, we have time for such...

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