Chapter Two

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Chapter Two They walked side by side, one in emerald green, one in imperial purple, their robes brushing the condensation from the grass as they passed, deep in conversation.  A rumble grew more discernible on the early morning air, then the sound of war bells on flying hoofs, and to their left, skirting the forest, came two squads of crack Equi Horse Guard at full gallop.  In pairs they cleared the fence and disappeared into the trees, leaving the walkers alone. “Ah’riodin sssits well thiss beautiful morning, yess?” Pythos said, flicking his long tongue with pleasure. “Io always sits well,” Ardenai replied absently, peeling the blade of grass he’d picked up along the way.  “Her abilities are above reproach.” “In many thingss,” the serpent physician nodded.  “How well sshe getss on with her life desspite the death of her hussband, yess?” “Ah, the first jab of the day,” Ardenai said,...

The Wind Warrior: Chapter One

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The digital  novel, The Wind Warrior, continues the story from the novella, “The Day The City Shook.”  With new chapters published weekly, it continues the tale of the improbable Thirteenth Dragonhorse, Ardenai.

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