The Wind Warrior: Chapter One

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The digital  novel, The Wind Warrior, continues the story from the novella, “The Day The City Shook.”  With new chapters published weekly, it continues the tale of the improbable Thirteenth Dragonhorse, Ardenai.

Summer Break for DragonHorse…

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Content for Dragonhorse Rising is on break for the summer!  We’ll be back with more great content this fall. In the mean time, why not catch up on the pre-existing content you may have missed out on??

Ears of the Equi: Prototypes arrive (News)

By on the 1st day, Terran month 5 in Announcements, News | 0 comments

Overseen by one of our Editor/Photographers, the project for creating photoart for the inhabitants of Equus was begun last year when Blackrose FX Studio was contracted to make the complex Ears for the Equi and the Equi-Papilli hybrid characters in our story. With me inputting some customization tweaks, the final cosmetic Ears are being cast now.

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